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CNC Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press

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This machine is widely used in sheet metal cutting, integer, stamping and cutting etc. Equipment use toggle power amplification principle, the use of a smaller fuel tank to produce cutting force several times, using fast-cylinder to achieve a rapid energy saving; machines centralized oil lubrication system ensures excellent lubricating moving parts, extending the life of the machine, if the configuration of automatic feeding device, can now fully automated cutting. Equipment using PLC and touch screen control, easy to operate and reliable.

•Easy and flexible operation
•Optical secure and reliable
•Superior performance
•Facilitate the adjusting

Modle YX300-120
Cutting force (KN) 3000 5000 5000 8000
Working pressure (Mpa) 21 21 21 21
Cutting Thickness (mm) 0-8 0-10
Maximum blank (mm) ø850-150 ø850-150
Duty cycle (Time / min) 18-22 15-20 15-20
Working table size (LxW) 980x780 980x780 980x780 1580x1380
Stage plate center hole (mm) ø120 ø120 ø120 ø120
Effective size (L × W) 675×475 675×475 1250×1075 1400×1250
Closure mold height (mm) 125-400 150-400 150-400
Motor power (KW) 15 18.5 18.5 22
Machine weight (Ton) 3.7T 4.5T 6.5T 8.5T
Length x width x height (LxWxH) 1600x1100x1875 1800x1100x1875 2010x1410x2000 2010x1410x2000
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