常见问题 FAQ
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1.      Check& Maintenance

(1)   Recommend N32or N46 hydraulic oil;

(2)   hydraulic oil must be filtrated before poured into the tank;

(3)   make sure no dirt on the surface of upright column and piston rod, should be maintained clear;

(4)   must not use the machine under overload condition;

(5)   check every half year and calibrate the pressure gauge;

(6)   If the machine shall be stopped for a long time, must clear the surface and apply the rust prevention oil; and put workbench at the under position;

2.      Specifications for Safety Operation

(1)     one who does not know about the machines structure or operation sequence must not start the machine without permission;

(2)     must not check or adjust the machine during the operation process;

(3)     must stop the machine and check if any abnormal circumstance occur , can’t continue working with potential problems;

(4)     must not remove the black rubber under the photoelectric and make sure the rough side is on the top;

(5)     the electrical equipments must be grounded safely;

(6)     must not put hands, head, etc between the blank-holder bench and workbench

Technical support Wang Youliang